The Farm and the Farmers

Harvest Roots Farm is three friends and one acre who believe in growing clean and accessible food with awareness and concern of our ecological and social impact. For us, farming is about both internal and external cultivation; as the plants on the farm grow and evolve, so too will our ideals and philosophies.

In our daily lives, we embrace the core tenants of permaculture both on the farm and off; that is, to care for the earth, care for the people and share our abundance. Harvest Roots Farm is also a reaction to the social and environmental implications of the industrial food complex. We believe the garden functions both as a space of protest as well as one of retreat and healing.

Harvest Roots Farm is excited to announce that we have moved the farm from Athens, Alabama to Falkville, Alabama where we will be participating in a Farm Incubator  Educational Program through Tune Farm. Tune Farm, the first certified organic farm in the state, is located on a diverse landscape that spans 262 acres of pasture, wetlands and a forest. Through the incubator program, participants have access to land, education, infrastructure, housing and equipment.  Harvest Roots Farm will be operating off a portion of Tune Farm property for the upcoming 2014 season. We feel very fortunate and thankful to be apart of the community here at Tune Farm. We’re also excited to be able to provide certified organic produce for the upcoming growing season!

1379900_10153424721850424_1351165607_nPete Halupka is an artist and activist who is passionate about indigenous land management techniques and histories, rare and antique apple cultivars, agro-economics, and fictional landscapes formed inside language. He’s located in New York City, attended The Cooper Union, grew up in Harvest, Alabama, and is one third of Harvest Roots Farm. Paw-Paw’s are still a mythology to Pete.


Lindsay Whiteaker is a former anthropology student turned farmer. She is passionate about traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous agricultural practices, spiritual ecology, educating youth in garden and silly farm puns. She is an Alabama native, avid fermenter, medicine maker and life long explorer. Off the farm, Lindsay is pursuing doula certification through DONA International as well as permaculture teacher certification.  She likes to think about primates, ecosystem design and the cosmos.

photo (3)

Benford Lepley is a Long Island native and is genuinely appreciating the wild bounty that is present on Tune Farm. He is interested in Permaculture and regenerative land management, pigs, wild mushrooms and fruit (a TRUE forest snacker), Space BeBop, and other things if you speak with him.


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